Petaling St

Since Kopitiam in Ultimo was closed today, the two girls visited Petaling St to get their laksa hit. Beef and chicken curry laksas containing meat of choice, along with mussels, fish cake, tofu and the usual egg and rice noodles and beansprouts were ordered, along with iced drinks.

Teh tarik and teh kopi (iced tea and ice coffee).

Teh tarik and kopi tarik (iced tea and ice coffee).

J’s review:

After overcoming my disappointment that Kopitiam wasn’t open, I was more than happy to try laksa at a new place. The coconut came through well in the soup and I was glad it wasn’t the thin, watered-down liquid you sometimes get. The menu listed its hotness as being “two chillies” (fairly hot, I image, since I’m not sure I saw a dish with three chillies), but I didn’t find the soup particularly hot. The spice combination was tasty, with a hint of sourness that was refreshing after my sweet teh tarik. Most of the laksa I have had in the past hasn’t included seafood when I’ve just asked for chicken or beef. I didn’t mind the fishcakes, however, I am not a fan of mussels (I handed those to E). I didn’t manage to finish it, and the taste grated a little on my tastebuds in the end. Overall, this was a fairly inexpensive, filling and tasty lunch.

E's beef laksa.

E’s beef laksa.

E’s review:

I’ve been to Petaling St a couple of times before. I have friends who rave about it and others…not so much. To this day, I remain a fence sitter. Today, I ordered a Malay staple; beef curry laksa – and as it was a sweltering summer’s day – kopi tarik (i.e., iced coffee) to quench the thirst arising from a brisk walk to Ultimo, our initial destination for lunch. As my learned friend, J mentioned above, the laksa was indeed less watery than other Malay eateries’ laksas. My laksa had a generous spread of toppings. The coconut essence was less powerful than I would have liked and the broth had a distinct saltiness which was initially addictive, though later an inhibitor to finishing the whole laksa. Glutton that I am, I nevertheless finished mine, whereas J did not. Would I go again? Most likely. The menu selection is varied – suitable for the most choosy of customers (and most famished). Would it be on my bucket list of culinary stopovers? I would say no..

Petaling Street: 760 George St, Haymarket, Sydney.

Petaling Street: Malaysian Hawker Food on Urbanspoon

2 thoughts on “Petaling St

    • Sydney, Australia is a diverse food haven (and I daresay, so is Scotland) Expect to be hungrier still as J and I review more food places in the weeks to come!

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