Home Thai Restaurant

On Thursday night I had the pleasure of hanging out with friends. We went to Home, on Sussex St, a Thai restaurant which we’d been to before, and were in the mood for again! We got there at 7 PM, and were seated fairly quickly because our group was small (we did notice a group of six or seven people waiting for a while outside). The atmosphere inside was vibrant melting pot of all sorts of different people packed into the one room, the smell of fragrant spices floating in the air, and waitstaff rushing around with cute little tablets on which they took orders. Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I was a bit surprised that each waiter/waitress carried their own tablet – this made ordering things a bit more annoying because they were constantly scrolling through items.

One of my friends ordered keuw tiew lod (cold noodles with pork mince) and fish curry, the latter arriving wrapped up prettily in a leaf. The other ordered a pad see ew, and I went for a red chicken curry. The meals came out fairly quickly, but not at the same time. I must admit, I am one of those people who feels irked when the meals arrive separately, because it’s rude to eat before others … and when you’re starving, waiting for other people’s meals to come out can take an eternity.


Keuw tiew lod

Unfortunately, the pad see ew never showed up, and instead my friend, C, was served a pad thai. Upon asking the waitress whether she’d been given the wrong meal, the waitress insisted that she’d ordered a pad thai. C was a little taken aback, because she’d even pointed at the correct meal on the menu (and we had seen and heard her ask for the correct meal). In the end, she decided she would have the pad thai – they were the same price anyway, because she’d ordered vegetarian.

Pad thai

Pad thai

My red curry was tasty, with a medium level of chilli – enough to get the sinuses going, but not enough for my tongue to burn from the heat. It wasn’t the best I’ve ever had, but I would put it above your average red curry. The fish curry was fairly average, but the pad thai was delicious. A dish that I would personally recommend (from previous experience) is the crispy pork belly, and I was a bit sorry I didn’t order that. There is always next time!

Red curry with chicken and steamed rice

Red curry with chicken and steamed rice

Overall, we were fairly pleased with our dinner. Despite the incident with the pad see ew, I would still recommend this place for a quick dinner – it’s not really the sort of place you can settle into, because of the noise level, but the food is worth tasting at least once.

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