Cargo Bar – Cocktail Class

I was at a hen’s party held at Cargo Bar in Darling Harbour. I’d never been to a cocktail class and was pretty excited to get a bit tipsy and make some tasty drinks. After a little confusion about the booking, we arrived to immaculately set out tables. We were seated the balcony next to the beautiful harbour. The neighbouring balconies also held female-only groups with one out for a hen’s night and the other a baby shower. The bartenders arrived for the session about half an hour later, and by then we were all ready to roll.


Cocktail class setup at Cargo bar.

The first cocktail we made was a French Martini. I love drinks with a bit of froth of them (my boyfriend would know, I serially steal the foam off his cappucinos), but I didn’t shake my Martini enough to make it frothy – my arms have been giving me a bit of trouble lately (hence the lack of posts) and I didn’t want to strain them. So my Martini lacked the foam it should have had on top, but it was still tasty, of course 🙂 The second cocktail we made was the Cosmopolitan (another pink drink), which was the standard fare, really. It’s a bit of a shame this class was so simple. It would have been great if we’d learned a bit about the history of each cocktail or a couple of tricks, but maybe that’s just me. You can do so much more with two hours of time!


Prosecco and French Martini with rosebud garnish. Canapes are in the background.

The canapes were a little hit and miss. I think there were four different types in total (or at least I didn’t see heaps of variation). I’ve included a picture of the little rice balls with the salmon and caviar on top because they were the prettiest even though the rice was undercooked, but I think the best tasting ones were the gruyere quiches, which had a delicious but delicate taste to them.


Nearly gone Cosmpolitan and rice canapes with cucumber, salmon and caviar topping.

I would recommend this class if you want a couple of drinks to kick start a hen’s night. Although the drinks I made were super girly, I think you are able to pick from several other cocktail recipes. There is also some nice bartender eye candy to check out (!) if you want. The atmosphere was relaxing and the view was nice. Overall, a good experience.

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