Himalayan Char Grill

Himalayan Char Grill is one of the many small restaurants lining Glebe Point Rd. The atmosphere is friendly and the restaurant is tastefully decorated with Himalayan handcrafts. We were promptly seated upon arrival and picked our own table because not many people were around. As the night went on, the restaurant began reaching full capacity (and this was a Tuesday night) – a testament to its good food.

For the two of us (i.e. my SO and I) we ordered one entree, Aloo Chop, two serves of roti, and a platter of condiments which included mango chutney, pickled chilli (or at least what seemed to be pickled chilli), spiced yoghurt and tomato salsa. The Aloo Chop was basically a potato croquette coated in chickpea flour, though I’m not sure I could taste the chickpea. The sauce that accompanied it was tangy and went well with the Aloo Chop.

From left to right: aloo chop, $11.90; side dish platter, $5.50; roti, $3.00 each.

From left to right: Aloo Chop, $11.90; side dish platter, $5.50; roti, $3.00 each.

For mains we ordered Sekuwa chicken and Masala beef cheeks. The Sekuwa chicken was tender and barbecued with an exotic blend of spices. It arrived with wild rice and a salad. The chicken was mouth-wateringly delicious, especially when eaten with the yoghurt condiment. The beef cheeks arrived as curry/stew sort of dish with carrots, beans, capsicum and mushrooms. The beef was diced into cubes instead of being a slab of meat because there was more flavour in the meat. Not to mention how tender the beef was, leaving me very satisfied. We were also given extra plates so that we could share the food properly. The next time I come here it’ll have to be with lots of so I can try more food!

Sekuwa chicken served with salad and wild rice (under the chicken), $18.90.

Sekuwa chicken served with salad and wild rice (under the chicken), $18.90.

Masala beef cheek, $22.90. Found on the chef's special menu.

Masala beef cheek, $22.90. Found on the chef’s special menu.

I would highly recommend Himalayan Char Grill. Its prices are mid-range and good value for the amount and quality of food you get. Staff were pleasant, the atmosphere was good, and service was prompt. Nepalese cuisine is fairly diverse, though this place tends to focus on Indian-influenced food, so if you like spice and heaps of flavour then you’ll be in for a treat.

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