My Sweet Memory

E’s review: Let me start off by saying that I associate My Sweet Memory (MSM) with many fond remembrances. I’ve played chess on their dilapidated chess board until almost midnight (they’re open until 12 every night!), I’ve purposely (read: tactlessly) gone there with a large group of friends and claimed a free cup of coffee (that comes with every purchase of 7 coffees) and I’ve been there with my brother who has a penchant for sweet things. It really is a great place to have an honest-to-god  conversation with another fellow being – unlike the usual bind of not being able to hear anyone if you go to most bars in Sydney these days. Apart from the place being a franchised ‘concept store’, that is, a store that interlaces food, music and art (more notably design stationery, office and lifestyle accessories) in one convenient location (and thus attracting a large cohort of Chinese, Korean and Japanese people), the food ain’t bad either. You can get the regular assortment of cake, coffee & other drinks and sweets. Don’t expect rich decadent delights though, it tastes like most Asian dessert places I’ve been to (i.e. they tend to add more sugar and artificial flavours and less butter and cream), but to me, this is not a big deal. What resonates, and matters to me are those ‘sweet memories’…and those have left a lasting impression.

J’s review: Cafe fused with a stationery shop? A very cute idea. MSM is as cute on the inside as it sounds, with things you’d expect to see in kikki.k lining the walls. There was quite a selection of cakes so we asked the waiters what they recommended – a chocolate mousse cake and a coffee espresso cake. I ordered a green tea latte out of curiosity, never having had one before. The cakes were both very light. As far as I can tell, that is a hallmark of Asian-style cakes in general. I didn’t mind the lightness, especially of the mousse which was quite delicate. But when I order a cake I want it to be bursting with rich flavours, and compared to other cakes these two were lacking in flavour. The highlight of this was the green tea latte! I’ve always had qualms about green with with milk, but I was pleasantly surprised. Note: I am also a sucker for all things green tea, so I am completely biased. Overall, MSM was average. I might go back again to try different cakes someday, but am quite content not to for now.

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My Sweet Memory: clockwise, mousse cake, green tea latte, coffee espresso cake.

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